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    The perfect church...for those who aren't!

Welcome to Restoration Church

The perfect church...for those who aren't!


Restoration Church is a non-denominational, Bible-believing Christian Church where you will find a friendly, casual atmosphere, contemporary Christian worship music, and practical and relevant Bible teaching. We enjoy weekday group activities where we learn about God, the Bible and each other!

Restoration Church, as our name implies, seeks to help you either restore or establish a strong relationship with God with the understanding that every Saint has a past, and every Sinner a future.

Restoration Church's desire is to provide a safe atmosphere for personal and spiritual formation and development in an environment of love, growth and ministry. We believe that making available a meaningful place to establish our service to God and our community helps you and your family build a strong spiritual foundation.

Our hope is that you will be changed by God's Word, encouraged by His people and touched by His presence!
Our Sunday Service starts at 10:30am, with a time of prayer at 9:45 and fellowship, coffee and snacks at 10am.
We hope you will join us! Please enjoy our Website and contact us with any questions!         

Road Map 2015

What's God's heart for Fernley and our region?  What would He like Restoration Church to become and to do in 2015?  
We're excited to share!  Watch the recording below to find out more.  


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